How everything began…

Breno and Bryan are two Brazilian-Italian brothers from Santa Catarina’s State in southern Brazil. They were born and raised in the Evangelical “Assembly of God” Church in Criciúma (Santa Catarina).

Since their childhood they were passionate about music and they always sung in the church: they took after their maternal grandparents, who have sung in almost every city of Santa Catarina.

As well as singers the brothers are also composers for others artists: an example of this, among others, is the song “Promessas” performed by “Ninfa and Cálita”.

Today Breno and Bryan live in Orlando Florida. They have always dreamed of recording an album, and in 2003 they produced the first album “Não Desista”, and had the special participation of the duo Daniel & Samuel in the fourth track.

In 2004 after performing in the Congress “Missão Gideões Missionário” in Camboriú – Santa Catarina, many doors opened. They went to Europe where they lived between Italy and Switzerland for about 10 years.

In 2007 they went to Rio de Janeiro (Barra da Tijuca) to record four songs in Italian; one of them was Sonho (Versão) of Cris Duram with the producer Zé Henrique in the Pedra da Gávea’s Recording Studio.

In 2010 they participated in the Reality Show X Factor Italy. Within more than 5000 candidates, the brothers arrived among the 10 finalists. Mara Maionchi (Italian record producer and X Factor Judge) was impressed by the uniqueness of the duo’s voices.

For them just the fact of taking part in the talent show has been a great achievement; their expectation now is to conquer new horizons.

At the moment they are preparing a new album with Ronny Barbosa, one of the biggest. Brazilian’s Gospel music producer.

The album is expected to be released in April 2016, at the same event that launched them: in Camboriú at “Gideões Missionário”, one of the biggest celebration of Missions of Brazil.

Through the music the duo wants to convey the word of Jesus: always happy to be able to bring love through their songs, always looking for the depth of a sincere relationship with God and letting him take care of the expansion of the large Ministry.

Dream and dare to dream, you can always go beyond your dreams.

Breno & Bryan in short:

Breno was born in 1985.

Bryan was born 1983.

1st album, “Agradecimento”, was launched in 2003.

4 songs were recorded in italian:

“Carla”, “D’ora In Poi”, “Gli Angeli” and “Sogni”, which were produced by Zé Henrique.

In 2016 the new album will be launched alongside the event “Gideões Missionário”